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Valves on the sea

[ Source:Unicima Valve Manufacturing (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.    Time:2015-09-15 ]

What’s your idea about marine valve industry?

Valves professionals may have a little idea of the marine valve industry. Actually in the US market this is one of the most interesting segment that needs any type of valve with common and not (very) common materials. Today indeed, “ships” can be power generation and wastewater treatment plants, plumbing and transmission pipeline, HVAC systems. The result is that a modern supertanker can contain hundreds of valves, all sizes and with a great range of types.

When Marine valves industry borns?

The industrial revolution give the born to this industry. The steam engines of the 1800 steamships were all controlled by globe valves made of iron and brass: this design was so successful to be adapted, during the 19th century, to other marine uses as the industry grew exponentially. Untill the complete move to diesel engines was completed, in the 1970s, the lower steam pressure steam service valves was an huge market. The birth of oil thanker and then the giant super tanker of our age, also create great opportunities for valves suppliers.

What are the Marine valves’ duties?

Marine valves perform a number of different duties. All marine vessels in fact need valves to regulate the loading and storage of some form of energy used to power their engines. Large cargo ships can have a complicated system of pumps and manifolds using multiple valves to direct the fuel to various tanks. Water ballast and bilge systems may use piping and valves as large as 30-inch. Ships also need firefighting system valves that must works when called upon, that means they have to be ultra-reliable. Cargo carrying liquid need an extensive piping systems with valves carefully selected to handle the products running through them and have an exterior that must resist the corrosive sea water environment.

What about Marine valves types?

Gate, globe and check valves were used for hundreds year on the ships. Today you can find any type of modern valve: ball valves start to increase their presence and butterfly lined valves start to be vey popular. But, because of oxidation, every marine valves material must be carefully chosen.

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